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Our Learning Approach is Unique

Yes here is one more thing you can do on your phone. Our mobile learning technologies allow on the go training for systems and equipment used more and less frequent. Think about those tasks within your facility that happen once or twice a year. With our tools, not only will you be reminded, you will remember the training. Videos provide consistent information, so that all steps are remembered, to help mitigate risk. No more game of playing telephone. Each person has their own unique sign-on where they can pick up where they left off with their training. We provide reports to ensure staff stays up to date on training and will offer leadership training so that operators don't see this as a mandatory requirement but as a tool that will help them operate and perform effectively. 

We customize your training to meet your facilities budget. We offer different levels based on the skill set of the operators in your facilities (ask about our Employee Skills Assessment). Our training varies but listed below are some of our popular services:

  • Employee Skills Assessment

  • Customized Training Recommendations

  • Customized Training Videos - Mechanical Systems, Safety & Compliance

  • Online Courses & Hands-On Workshops

  • Leadership - Soft-skills training with Coaching

Ask for a Demo of our 

LMS Training Platform

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