If It Can Be Done, You Want It, We Do It!

EBS has core video services which have 3 levels. Below provides a better understanding. We have also created other types of videos such as: industry drone footage, explainer videos for renovation projects, and individual Bio’s for events.

We create options for your budget.

Level I

Typically a Construction Deliverable 

When a new building is being turned over to an Owner, EBS videos all training done by contractors on the construction company’s behalf. We provide an, industry knowledge base, added value that closes out the project with a positive impact bridging the gap from construction to management.

Level II

Usually Requested by the Owner


We edit footage that’s taken during construction or on existing buildings. The content is delivered in searchable mini modules that is very user friendly. When operators can find what they are looking for fast, it saves time and ensures the initial investment is serving the long term savings. 

Level III

A Higher Level Owner Request 


We scan your site and voice over the scripted content. This deliverable produces an augmented reality of your space.


Ship Familiarization Video

Campus Renovation