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Tell Us Your End Goal and We'll Reverse Engineer a Solution

We take operations to another level by consulting owners on functional solutions. Every location/facility is unique with it's installation, energy saving opportunities and training requirements. What would it be like if your installed systems delivered the savings you projected?

Specific goals, existing resources, timeline, and budget all come into play.

MEP Solutions for New and Existing Buildings

  • Due Diligence Reporting - Some clients want to know what they are allowed to do with their space. Can I convert for a different use? Does it make sense to do it?We will let you know.

  • Project, Building, and Portfolio Systems Appraisals - What is the useful life of my equipment? How can I create a training program that can get my staff up to speed immediately? What should be included in a service contract and what should be done in house. 

  • Energy opportunities - All clients are looking for ways to save. We will tell you if your project is worth doing.

As Built Drawings

  • Scanning - we scan spaces with 3D imaging camera and utilize the software that provides existing dimensions.

  • CAD Files or Plan images - we convert our scanning services it into CAD Files for new or future renovations or just get you the dimensions you need.

  • 3D Imaging - we convert our scanning services into 3D Imaging. Sometimes you don't what people to see the intricate details of your space. We understand or 3D graphics provides a nicer look and feel of your space.

Asset Management

  • Maximo Services - EBS works with IBM business partners to assist with consulting, data collection and equipment inventory.

  • IoT &OT Solutions - We know how to make technology work in facilities, out in the field, or anywhere from the boiler-room to the boardroom. 

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