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Walt Disney World Resorts - Former Executive Vice President of Operations - Lee Cockerell

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

On July 20th, 2016 Lee Cockrell, former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney World Resort for over 10 years, provided additional insight on his book Creating Magic. His latest book Career Magic is currently available in stores.

This “Retired and Inspired” 72 year, energetic author of 4 books, who’s been married for 48 years, and a grandfather to three is probably more active now than he was, when he was in charge of over 40,000 employees at Disney. He’s travelling the world, writing books, and delivering speeches to audiences as small as 8 to over 7000 people. He also delivers a 15 minute weekly podcast on leadership and knows what it takes to motivate, lead and inspire others to increase the bottom line.

He explains how clarity can produce great, not just average employees. At Disney, Cinderella can’t have tattoos on her neck, and Mickey can’t be seen smoking, it’s a show that impacts many and there are no exceptions. The philosophy applies to all areas of life. Setting expectations will bring people you want to represent your company and have in your life. We also discussed the true meaning of leadership and how these principles, he’s helped develop, are now used across the world. After listening to this interview, you’ll understand why he says:

It’s not the magic that makes it work. It’s the way we work that makes it magic.

Join me on the podcast so you can hear the topics we discussed below:

  • The Busiest Retired Guy I know - Meet Lee Cockerel and find out what he’s up to.

  • What Do You Call Your Employees? - Learn why Disney calls all their employees cast members, and why terminology is important.

  • What’s Your Hiring Process? - Learn how Disney hires, and how Clarity can help YOUR company.

  • Do Referrals Matter? - Learn how Disney gets most of their business and why the internet and social media can make or break YOUR business.

  • How Often Do You Apologize? Learn what causes this behavior and how it can be changed. Understand how trust and control plays a part on how we behave in our everyday lives.

  • Does Exposure Change Your Views? Lee explains how getting out of your environment can change your views, and help you become a better leader.

  • Is there a Difference between Managers and Leaders? Understand the difference, maybe your hiring process will change.

  • What does the Acronym R.A.V.E. stand for? Disney wasn’t always a place where everyone was valued or felt comfortable visiting. Learn how R.A.V.E. and diversity increases your bottom line.

  • Is Your Company Ready For the New Generation? Will we, as a country, have the workforce to support YOUR business?

  • How Online Learning is Changing the Way We Learn and why it’s necessary to keep up with technology and the demand for it.

Be sure to check out Lee Cockrell's website and check out his 4th book Career Magic.

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