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The Lost Art of "Building Operations"

On August 10th, 2016 Dan Holohan a known authority on steam systems, and legend to many in the building industry, shared deeper insight on how he started his teaching and speaking career. This self-taught expert has been able to continually captivate new audiences for years that followed his initial start in 1970. His original masterpiece, “The Lost Art of Steam Heating” started the domino effect for creating 18 books that followed.

This interview delivers a deeper insight of the Man himself. He explains how listening to stories told by his father and contractors became the premise of his career. Be sure to visit and find it’s new owner Erin Holohan Haskell. She plans to carry out the Legacy of her father and continue her 13 year involvement with the archived discussions that date back to 1997. If you’re not signed up, be sure to visit The #1 Online Resource for Heating Answers. With almost 2-million active users, and over 5-million page views, you’ll surely find any steam or hydronic answer you need when you type in your questions on the powerful search engine within the website.

Dan openly discussed his learning disability that took a long time to discover, but even with his inability to do simple math today, his determination to really understand people allowed him to pursue a degree in sociology. His understanding of how groups work and his relatable struggle in learning with most building trade workers, is the core reason for his success. He effectively learned to deconstruct complicated math problems in a simplistic format for everyone to understand.

We had a heart felt discussion on the importance of training and how changing the way we teach will save owners lots of money in the future. His message is never stop learning. Don’t wait for your employer to teach you. You need to teach yourself! Be sure to listen and subscribe so you can hear about new products, more interviews, and industry news. Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy it.

Enhanced Building Solutions LLC, offers a “train and retain” turn key solution for training and development that embraces staff involvement around operations and maintenance. Building equipment technology is advancing faster than operators can keep up with and buildings account for approximately 40% of CO2 emissions in the United States alone. Training staff to operate buildings efficiently is necessary. Enhanced Building Solutions offers consulting services, virtual walk-throughs, producing mini video clips, in addition to online learning. Our training methods provide consistent information, saves on employee turnover, and minimizes liabilities. Nothing will ever replace hands-on learning but a blended learning approach will create an ultimate training solution. Are you ready to be a pioneer in the industry?

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