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The Future of Male Dominated Jobs - How men will stay significant with Robots and AI

Don't let the title fool you, there is a lot more to this podcast. Did you know that Great Dads make amazing leaders? Well they do! If you listen to the podcast you will understand how we can learn from the incoming generation. This podcast touches on some key topics that can possibly help advance your career. You can click on the player above to listen directly or also get it on apple, google play or stitcher. Thanks for listening.

A little bit about Geir Isene, he is a nerd from Norway. Yes I said that! He loves mathematics, astronomy, astrophysics, particle physics, chemistry, hardware and software. He is the most diverse person I’ve had on my podcasts to date.

What’s most awesome is that he helps people, he is a coach and mentor who inspires others to reach their goals and potentials. If you would like to learn more about him, you can visit his website.

Geir held a workshop at the annual WISTA conference (WISTA being the “Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association”) and after leaving Tromsø he launched the podcast: Women will be last to be replaced by robots and AI - that title intrigued me to listen to his episode and after I asked him to be on my show. Since the points he made concentrated on men, I asked, So how will men stay significant? Listen to the episode to hear what was said.

The music on this podcast “Clouds” was produced by Geir Isene.

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