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Leaders are always needed,
you don't need a special TITLE to be a LEADER.

Enhanced Building Solutions (EBS) shared 12

leadership insights around
Company culture, communication & team collaboration

as a way to introduce some fundamental leadership principles.


If you are an individual who's looking to advance your career

regardless of what industry you work in,

these videos are worth exploring.

These insights raise an awareness around some
foundational leadership principles needed to lead teams effectively.
From inception to completion the building industry is very unique,
EBS prides our self as a disruptive leader with custom solutions
to transform the training culture within this space.
We understand the environment and seek creative ways to improve
the construction, service contracting, and facilities operations industry .
What makes our customized training programs unique,
we embed leadership in everything we teach.
You can email us at to get more information.

Leadership and Engagement Essentials

This channel is coming soon!
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