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Register Now for Our Intro to Mechanical Systems in Residential High-Rise Buildings Workshop
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July 25th 2020
1:00pm - 4:00pm EST 

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We will focus on residential high-rise buildings and briefly touch on commercial buildings so you can reference and compare systems accordingly.


I’ve created some unique practical methods utilizing virtual walk-throughs, power points and of course I will share some experience. I will teach you the core things to focus in on, the key things to notice, along with the necessary questions to ask, and understand why they are important. 

In addition to you quickly understanding the systems and feeling confident in any building, I will help you create your roadmap for success. 

* BONUS * 

All Paid Members will get access to our "Intro to Refrigeration" the 1 hour workshop course I did with a group of female high school students, where some landed internships immediately after.

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