"What would it mean to your BOTTOM-LINE to be able to get Expert Consulting and/or Customized Training without having to bust your budget?"



Tell Us Your End Goal and We'll Reverse Engineer a Solution

We take operations to another level by consulting owners on functional solutions. Every location/facility is unique with it's installation and saving opportunities. What would it be like if your installed systems delivered the savings you projected? Your specific goals, existing resources, timeline, and budget all come into play. Our consulting services include:

  • MEP Solutions for New and Existing Buildings

  • MEP Training Options

  • Facility Needs Assessment

  • Energy Assessments

  • Asset Management

  • Generate As Built Drawings


Our Blended Learning Approach is Unique

Our mobile learning technologies allow on the go training for systems and equipment used more and less frequent. Our videos help mitigate risk and are customized for your facilities budget. We offer different levels based on the skill level of your operations staff. Our training includes:

  • Employee Skills Assessment

  • Customized Training Recommendations

  • Customized Training Videos - Mechanical Systems, Safety & Compliance

  • Online Courses & Hands-On Workshops

  • Virtual Reality - Simulated Walk-Through of Spaces

  • Leadership - Soft-skills training with Coaching

Let's help you alleviate some of the headaches and determine what's necessary for your operations. We always keep day two operations in mind when providing any of our services to ensure owners get the value they paid for.

Employment Turnover is the human capital metric that most companies don't look at initially... but we do, it's the way to effectively grow your organization. Let's help you grow and systematically document your procedures to streamline your operations for any new or existing employee. 

LEADERSHIP - Soft Skills Training

We Empower Internal Champions to increase your bottom-line!

We at Enhanced Building Solutions know, there are employees at all levels in organizations. If you don't encourage your top performers to do more, they will look to do more somewhere else! When we interview those who leave companies where they were compensated well, they told us they weren't challenged enough. They wanted to take on additional roles and weren't given the opportunity in their current positions.

We offer one on one coaching to help your key performers excel and empower others to perform at their best.