• Consistent training - equals more efficient operations.
  • Learn at your own pace - training on demand means no more waiting.
  • Grow your organization faster with less worries.

"We alleviate headaches of set-up, getting staff-up to speed, and monitoring the progress, while giving your team the needed time to focus on ways to grow your organization."

There will be no more.... "You Should Have Known That!"


What is a LMS?

Learning Management Systems have been around since the 1990's and been used to deliver online learning across Europe for years. For a long while these expensive platforms were available only to large organizations who had hundreds of employees. With the growth of technology it is now available to everyone.

We believe training should be available to all employees. The reality is: only a few take advantage of it. With our proven methods, we can inspire your team and help you grow. LMS are quickly becoming the training solution of the future. It provides consistent information to get every employee up and running as soon as possible. No more out-dated documentation circulating in multiple locations and "playing telephone" with information - consistent information is provided to each employee. The best part? Courses are accessible just about anywhere, so learning can happen at home, on the way to work, and everywhere in between!

There are hundreds of software platforms to choose from and we know it can be frustrating. Let's alleviate that set-up and learning curve stress. This is what we do! We research to understand their capabilities to provide you what you need. Let Enhanced Building Solutions assist with your internal training goals, track the progress, identify your champions and put them on that path for them to encourage their peers. 


What if?

What if your entire team was not only able to meet your expectations, but eager and inspired? That's what EBS e-learning approach does—the blended learning techniques connects, educates, and motivates.

As a result of our training approach, workers feel heard and understood. When they see that management cares enough to support their training, listen to their input, and are encouraged to figure it out, they get inspired about their work and committed to reaching their potential. They also see the benefit in being loyal to a company culture that cares. That's a win for everyone!