Residential Heating Systems - Waste Prevention vs. Energy Conservation

Please join me on an interview with Asit Patel the President of ANP Energy Consulting Services Corp. bringing 20 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency and conservation. Prior to ANP Energy Consulting Services Corp. Asit worked at (AEA) which is the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. for 15 years working his way up to become Chief Engineer and Trainer. In 2016 Asit was an International President of Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and continues to serve on Board of Directors for the NY chapter of AEE more than a decade now.

Asit has taught over 2,200 students in several different courses related to energy efficiency in multi family residential buildings ranging from 20 to 1000 units. His students include facility maintenance and operations staff, facility management and owners, trade contractors, as well as other energy and engineering professionals. Asit and I met when I spoke on the topic of Preventative Maintenance at AEE in 2015 and again when he discussed Condensing Boilers at NYC’s 32BJ Union in 2016. I asked Asit to be a guest because I was most impressed with his extensive knowledge and understanding of residential heating systems from a practical perspective.

During our interview Asit emphasized on the value of waste prevention vs. energy conservation and identified three opportunities to optimize and improve heating systems in residential buildings with existing controls. The simple adjustments can provide significant savings without installing new equipment only if certain management protocols are revised. He also touched on some “safe factors” some design engineers incorporate that cost owners lots of money in the end.

If you, the reader, have read any of my previous articles or listened to any of my previous podcasts (recorded audio files) you will know how much I emphasize on the importance of facilities management training not only on a technical level but also on a personal and professional growth level and the importance of why combining the two are necessary.

From a technical perspective, in order to operate buildings efficiently a holistic understanding and approach of training is necessary. Every design engineer should visit similar facilities, of that they are about to design, and talk to operators who deal with the everyday complaints and conditions and not just rely on “book knowledge”. If it isn’t known already, theories vs. practical application are two different ball games. For Soft Skills Training - Managers need training to not only manage the day-to day activities with maintenance and operations but also understand the true meaning of leadership. Empowering staff to take more responsibilities is an essential part of upper management training. The morale of an organization can change if Managers’ are trained to encourage and empower vs. disbelief and questioning.

Now more than ever, with a technologically advanced generation, the training that’s necessary for operations require more than just hands on and I’m glad Asit recognized and validated this during our interview. Be sure to listen to the full interview where you will hear the three low to no cost savings solutions he spoke about.

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