IFMA Board of Directors, Former Chairman - Podcast Interview with Thomas Mitchell, Jr.

Join me in a passionate podcast interview with Thomas Mitchell, Jr. by listening to the audio file. Listen on iTunes, on Stitcher or, on Google Play.

Thomas shares a similar passion of advancing the workforce and workplace to provide solutions that increase individual competency and discover ways to retain employees in the Facilities Management industry. It was delightful to learn about his commitment and mission to spread the word.

A former chairman of the International Facility Management Association Board of Directors, Tom brings over 28 years of facility and asset management experience gained from serving in positions of increasing leadership responsibility within the government, commercial and not-for-profit industries.

He presently serves as senior vice president and chief operations officer for FM3IS Associates, L.L.C., where he oversees organizational strategic development actions, and directs corporate business operations for independent contracted consultants who specialize in the development and delivery of service offerings in the areas of facility portfolio performance, workforce capability development and organization functionality alignment. He retired from U.S. Air Force active duty in the grade of Lieutenant Colonel, after serving twenty years as a civil engineer officer in a wide variety of positions where he was responsible for leading people and/or managing programs that directed the development, acquisition, sustainment, and protection of facilities at military installations throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Be sure to visit his LinkedIn profile and listen to the full interview.

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~Annmarie Bhola