Dual Fuel - Interview with Joseph Bohm

Join me in my interview with Joseph Bohm, the CEO of Dual Fuel Corp. In our interview Joseph shares how he’s grown his one-man show operation, from a task he volunteered for as a co-op owner in 2011, to a now 30+ employee and growing company. They currently offer a multitude of services some that include oil to gas conversions, combined heat and power systems (CHP), boiler installations, heating controls and monitoring, energy supply (gas and oil), and emergency service to residential and commercial buildings.

The savings he uncovered in his own building sparked a flame that encouraged other building owners to take action. As much as Joe saw this to be a profitable business he’s committed to more. When I visited his office in 2015 I felt an inviting energy from his staff that showed me his desire to create a strong culture for the upcoming generation. It was the main reason I asked him to be a guest.

In the interview we discussed how the building industry has evolved from the way he remembers it to where he sees it going. He also mentions the fundamental qualities he looks for when hiring and the services he offers not only to his clients but also to his most valued asset, his employees.

Dual Fuel is committed to providing the best quality service to their customers - whether it's an equipment upgrade or a full-blown system revamp, they've got you covered. They are located locally in NYC and I encourage you to visit their website www.dualfuelcorp.com

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